Project Management, Design, Typesetting (DTP), Editing, Proofreading
and Print for over 15 years

Creative Identity, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Design, Typesetting (DTP), Project Management and Print

Building an excellent Corporate Image in alignment with your business vision, mission, values and plan is critical. Not only for your stakeholders, but also to create a distinct and unified productive team and a supportive community of influencers. It influences and shapes a company’s image, reputation, brand perception and culture.

The true mark of excellence is consistency. Midnight Star is always on time, within budget and exceeding our clients' expectations by offering:

  • Financial Reporting

    a. Annual Reports/Integrated Reports
    b. Interim Reports
    c. Shareholders’ Presentations
    d. Analyst/Shareholders Booklets
    e. Circulars
    f. Financial Adverts

  • Adverts and News

    a. Newspaper (complete)
    b. Newspaper Adverts
    c. Electronic Newsletters
    d. Printed Newsletters
    e. Electronic/Online Campaigns
    f. Magazines
    * Layout, Typesetting, Placement and Publishing

  • Marketing Services

    a. Marketing Campaigns
    b. Marketing Booklets
    c. Company Profiles
    d. Business Stationery
    e. Corporate Identity
    f. Pamphlets/Brochures/Catalogues
    g. Manuals (Products, Universities, Schools)
    h. Promotional Items
    i. Signage
    j. Clothing/Uniforms
    k. Graphic Design
    l. Digital Marketing
    m. Social Media Management